1. Volume to ditender compiled pursuant to condition delivery of C&F or of FOB ( FOB Port of Goods) / buyer factory post free / seller with quality according to quality standard applying and also month of delivery / of him specified in form of tender
  2. Buyer of participant of tender submit offer [pass/through] fax / letter into box which have been provided in Office Marketing With PTPN at the latest at 14.00 or 15.00 WIB ( according to invitation) on and date of tender ( offer through fax handled by special officer
  3. Offer price raised in Rp / KG of including PPN ( in Rupiah circle)
  4. Buyer of participant of tender submit offer price with amount per lots as on the market and pursuant to delivery condition
  5. Offer with tired ceiling price or exceed idea price expressed as winner of tender
  6. If there are two buyer or more at the price of same offer for the volume of lot and and also the condition of same delivery, hence the volume divided by proporsional
  7. If offer price of participant of tender not reach idea price, hence on the market return to first highest bargainer, if first highest bargainer not ready to or absent, hence on the market to highest bargainer second. If highest bargainer second also not ready to or absent, hence goods on the market to participant of other tender at the (time) of execution of tender, and if participant of other tender not ready to hence goods pulled from tender.


  1. Shares Service Sale of Palm Oil offer palm oil to Candidate Buyer
  2. Candidate Buyer accept offer and deliver bargain through faksimili or into box closed
  3. Committee of Tender CPO Exporting open offer, offer as according to idea price or happened ceiling price
  4. Penitia Tender CPO Exporting do counter to highest Candidate Buyer
  5. Candidate Buyer revise bargain according to idea price or ceiling price that happened
  6. Committee of Tender CPO Export Withdrawn